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Auburn-Opelika boasts state’s second highest concentration of bachelor’s degrees

In the latest Auburn Dominates The State In Every Quality Of Life Category There Is-related story, the Birmingham Business Journal reports that 32.6 percent of folks in Auburn-Opelika over the age of 25 have bachelors degrees. That’s the second highest percentage in the state (Huntsville numbered one’d it with 32.8 percent) and good enough for a national ranking of 73.

Only 24.8 percent of Tuscloosan 25-and-overs have a bachelor’s degree.

Last month we learned that Auburn grads average nearly $10,000 more in mid-career salary than Bama grads. In August it was that Auburn professors were among the happiest in the country, and that the average kids in the Heart of Dixie want to go Bama, while the overachieving geniuses would rather come to Auburn.

And of course don’t forget we’re the 2nd cleanest city in the America.

h/t Kenny Smith.

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