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The Night They Weren’t Amazin’: Never-before-seen photos from the 1972 Auburn-LSU game

Go to hell, LSU. The water’s fine.

If 1972 was a Cinderella season, LSU was the tiny scar on the left side of Cinderella’s chin that you can’t really notice unless you’re looking for it, that might bother others but doesn’t bother you, because for you, Cinderella is perfect. And the weird thing is that Cinderella doesn’t really know how it got there.

“Nine out of 10 times.” That’s what you hear a lot of them say, the Amazins, or at least I think I heard Terry Henley say it. And Thom. That they already felt destiny flexing. Tennessee had the nation’s longest week. Auburn ended it. Ole Miss had the nation’s longest streak. Auburn ended it. And holy hell, for the third straight week they were going up against the nation’s longest winning streak.

LSU kept it.

Auburn came out of the locker room and the tiger was right there (and according to David Langner getting jabbed with a cattle prod) and growling at them and they were so freaked out they started warming up on the wrong side of the field. Final score: 35-7. A few of them rolled a joint with the Yellow Pages from a phone booth behind a church. When in Rome…

So here are never before seen photos from the night the slipper shattered and the chin got knicked or whatever, the night the Amazins were less than amazing. Had it been any other night, they would have ended the season bowlin’ for a national championship, they truly believe that, preseason expectations be damned.

Look at their faces. The majorettes are still pretty. Psalm 23.

Photos by Larry Parker.

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