Pre-game video featuring Auburn’s terrorist-hunting ‘Vapor Wake’ dogs playing in Jordan-Hare this fall

The celebrated Auburn University Canine Detection Training Center, aka Auburn Institute of Exploding Dog Studies, is finally getting its due on the big screen alongside the Passion of the Cam and that Bret Eddins sack each Saturday.

A 30-second video of a specialized Auburn-trained “vapor wake” dog (who may or may not be named Brilliant) doin’ his $20,000 thang—hunting a long-haired terrorist with B.O. (bomb odor) through an airport—will be a part of Jordan-Hare’s pregame Jumbotron playlist throughout the football season.

In May 2011, we reported that the vapor-trail “war dog” that was part of the American commando unit that stormed Osama bin Laden’s compound was possibly trained in Auburn.

Related: Founder of Navy SEAL team that killed bin Laden is an Auburn grad.

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