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Netflix Iron Bowl 2012: Trends in Auburn and Tuscaloosa Movie Rentals: Week 4

“The Cabin in the Woods is a 2012 American comedy horror film.”  The Auburn Tigers are a 2012 American comedy horror team. Folks on the Plains are watching both. Hope for surprise twist.

Week 3 was a fun one wasn’t it? Auburn struggled to finish the game against Louisiana-Monroe while Alabama didn’t even bat an eye in dispatching of Arkansas. Fans in Tuscaloosa have to be excited about their huge win over a division rival, but they’re probably feeling a bit let down with a non-conference foe rolling in to town with a losing record. On the Plains, fans are hoping that their team can get a nice little winning streak going against teams from The Pelican State. Let’s go to the queue…

Seems the Florida Atlantic Owls are doing their best to mentally prepare to take on The Crimson Tide this weekend. The number one film is a documentary and why shouldn’t it be? Deep Sea: IMAX shows viewers a rarely seen, majestic world. Fans who are making the trip to Tuscaloosa seem to be trying to get their sense of awe and amazement out of the way by watching a nature documentary, so they aren’t overwhelmed with emotions upon setting foot on Alabama’s campus. A grounded fan base can only help first year coach Carl Pelini as he tries to keep his team from getting too caught up in the magnitude of facing the top team in the land.

Amazingly fans in Boca Raton have provided us with a perfect example of the Jekyl/Hyde mentality that can go on when your team is an underdog. Sure, fans were unwinding with a scenic IMAX film, but when they put their kids to bed they got serious. How serious? Wrong place at the wrong time, getting shot in the head serious. If we can learn anything from The Double Hour being the number two favorite in Boca Raton it’s that one part of the Owls’ fanbase is concerned for their players’ well being. If the movie tells us anything, it’s that fans can breathe a sigh of relief…although their team will more than likely be taken to the woodshed (i.e. shot in the head) they will at least physically survive the attack.

It’s been noted in certain parts of the blogosphere (read: comment section of an LSU blog) that Alabama and LSU are destined to play each other in November as undefeateds. Don’t tell that to Nick Saban. He’ll spank you. Even though many would hate to see such a scenario, Alabama’s victory over Arkansas last week makes it seem a little more plausible.

Fans in Tuscaloosa don’t seem too happy to have to play yet another non-conference game this weekend. I mean, they’re watching Safe House.e. Although the film involves some decent action and a few surprises, it’s more or less your run of the mill action thriller. Tuscaloosans have to know that their team is once again safe within the confines of Bryant-Denny and should have no problems dispatching of Florida Atlantic. Of course, the Owls might keep it interesting for a few minutes, but then it’ll delve into a violent scene we’ve all seen before.

One thing I’d like to point out to Alabama fans, if I may, is that there’s probably more than one reason The Lorax is on Tuscaloosa’s local favorite list. Yes, it’s a fun flick for the kids. But it’s also filled with lessons. Sure you might want to jump right to the “good” part of your schedule, but be careful what you wish for. Getting too caught up in the long term goal of winning back-to-back championships might cause you to lose sight of the good times you’re seeing unfold each and every week. Don’t take them for granted. For one day you might just find yourself wishing it all hadn’t gone by so quickly and you hadn’t taken the entire process for granted.

As mentioned above, fans in Baton Rouge and Tuscaloosa seem to believe no one can stop either of their teams until they face off in November. Perhaps they’re right. I just hope fans in Baton Rouge aren’t getting too impressed with themselves. Two of the top three films, Catherine the Great and The Aristocrats, are, shall we say, a little more elite forms of entertainment than what we unwashed masses watch. Of course, using those two as a barometer for how LSU fans feel about this week’s matchup with home underdog Auburn, might be painting with too broad of a brush.

X-Men 3: The Last Stand makes an appearance in the Top 5, indicating some LSU fans are a bit weary of their Bayou Bengals’ first road trip of the season. The name says it all. Auburn was embarrassed by LSU last season and you have to think that Gene Chizik’s message lay it all on the line, to avenge last season’s loss and win at home with their backs against the wall. Auburn could be a dangerous Miles’ and Co.–they’re playing in front of what should be a raucous Jordan-Hare Stadium crowd trying to prove that they are still an elite team, no matter what their record indicates. Of course, LSU fans who are prepared for Auburn’s best shot have to hope that the game will serve as an indicator to Auburn that they need to go back to the drawing board, just like Marvel did when it rebooted the X-Men franchise after two lackluster sequels (starting with X-Men 3).

The Darkest Hour seems an appropriate local favorite for Auburn this week. Sure, the team picked up its first win last week, but the team’s late game collapse has some fans worrying about the direction the program is headed. As always, there will be folks who decide to look at things negatively, but fortunately it appears more Auburn fans are optimistic about their team than not as indicated by the fact that The Cabin in the Woods is several slots above The Darkest Hour on the local favorites list. Without going into the plot of the film, as I don’t want to spoil it, I can assure you that The Cabin in the Woods is a sign that fans are looking for the unlikely upset.

So can it be done? I don’t see why not. This is an Auburn team working to find it’s way. They’ve shown amazing flashes of potential, followed by inexplicable flashes of mediocrity. What to Expect When You’re Expecting is a perfect indicator (in more ways than one) of where Auburn is right now. They’ve proven they have talent, but they’re still learning. There’s a lot of change going on around these young men and some are struggling to adapt. The good news is there are others who have been through this type of thing before. Once the Tigers learn they are not alone in their struggle (the Auburn Family still loves them), once and take the lessons their coaches give them, I believe we’ll see something special.

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