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  1. Craziest game week ever. Class was cancelled early in the week, so my sister and I drove home to NC. Once the game was confirmed to be played on Friday, we packed up, got in the car, and headed south. Our parents followed shortly after.

  2. We rode out Hurrican Ivan just east of Pensacola on Thursday, cut the pine tree off the house Friday morning and headed to ATL for a Van Halen Concert that night, then went to the LSU game on Saturday, stockpiled can goods and 14-5 gallon gas cans full of gas and headed back home after the game! Good times!

  3. I live in Port St. Lucie, FL. Two weeks before Ivan, I was looking up through the eye of Hurricane Frances. Power was still out at our house the weekend of the LSU game, but it didn’t matter- I had to go to Las Vegas for a wedding that Friday. On my way to the airport, they cancelled my flight because (like all flights ever) it connected through Atlanta and, well, Ivan. I had to switch flights at the last minute, and wound up going from FL to JFK and then to Vegas, where I watched the LSU game at the sports book at Paris.

    Lots of people apparently had money on us, because when that referee’s flag came out on the final extra point, you’d have thought we were in the stadium it was so loud.

    When I came back to Florida, we got hit with Hurricane Jeanne.

    That was a really weird fall.

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