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How many undefeated seasons has Auburn had?

OK, putting our scruples on steroids (they shrink your statisticles, man!) to prove how Not Bama we are, noble pursuit though it is, needs to stop.

Even if we don’t want to asterisk our media guides with trophies we technically have a right to, surely we can puff out our chests the objectively correct number of times when it comes to undefeated seasons, if we think it needs to come to undefeated seasons, of which Auburn has 12.

But according to Auburn Football’s 2012 Inspiration video, which debuted Saturday (and which thinks it does need to come to undefeated seasons), we only have four: 1957 (10-0), 1993 (11-0) , 2004 (13-0), and the Year of Our Cam (14-0).

I’m not sure when or why 1957 was deemed Year One of Auburn football, but Auburn football was good before Elvis. It was even good before Shug.

Auburn’s great 1957 squad was actually the 8th to go undefeated, not the first, as a 2007 Auburn Magazine story (an excerpt from a book on the history of Auburn football, for crying out loud!) also proudly proclaimed.

Auburn went undefeated in 1893 (won two, tied two), 1897 (won two, tied one), 1914 (won nine, tied one), 1932 (won nine, tied one), and 1958 (won nine, tied one).

Counting ancient seasons with multiple ties too Crimson for you? Well, even if “undefeated” is conflated AUHD shorthand for “Won Every Game,” we’re still forgetting 1900 (won all four games), 1904 (won all seven games), and 1913 (won all eight games – named National Champions in several polls).

Flaunt’em if you flaunt’em.

UPDATE: It’s a start.

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