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Harvey Updyke to undergo psych evaluation at facility 2.9 miles away from Bryant-Denny Stadium

His move to the Taylor Hardin Secure Medical Facility, a hospital for “criminally committed citizens” located in Tuscaloosa, will likely result in ANOTHER continuance of Harvey Updyke’s trial.

The reasoning behind Harvey Updyke’s original not guilty plea in the case of the Toomer’s Oaks poisoning? Having too much Bama in him amounted to a “a mental disease or defect.”

Now, after surrendering to the Lee County Sheriff’s Department this morning—his bond was revoked due to an incident with a lawnmower in Louisiana—Updyke will undergo psychiatric evaluations at the Taylor-Hardin Secure Medical Facility in Tuscaloosa, a hospital 2.9 miles away from Bryant-Denny Stadium.

Irony itself is rolling the Toomer’s Oaks.


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