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Auburn students eighth most conservative in the country, seventh most into sports

You know that old joke about Auburn being an even bigger Baptist school than Baylor? If religion influences political persuasion, it probably wasn’t really a joke.

Auburn beat out Christian schools and all but one military academy (which we didn’t even know existed—the United States Merchant Marine Academy) on this year’s Princeton Review list of the most conservative college campuses in the country.

Auburn ranked 8th, above Baptist (Baylor was 16th), Methodist, Mormon (BYU was 11th), Catholic, and all-male schools. With the exception of Texas A&M, which was ranked first, Auburn was the only public institution in the Top 10.

The annual review is produced from surveys filled out by approximately 122,000 college students. Auburn scored high in dive of the other Top 20 categories.

We’re 13th in town ‘n’ gown relations, have the 19th highest quality of life, the 10th highest number of future Rotarians and Daughters of the American Revolution (which is determined by responses that suggest “personal political persuasions to be very conservative, low levels of acceptance of the gay community on campus, high levels of popularity for student government on campus, and a very religious student body”), the 13th most religious students (feels like we’re getting redundant here), and there are only seven more student bodies with a better football game attendance record, because only six are more into intercollegiate sports.

You can view the rankings here.

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