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Auburn hoodies featured in Korean teen fashion line

Stay orange, Pixie Boy.

All this talk about the Auburn merchandise you see in Asia just being factory rejects recycled by a swelling populace that doesn’t really care what it’s driving or wearing? Talk to the hand, dude—her hand, the Korean girl with the closet full of orange and blue sweatshirts that make up the “Auburnzaka” tween clothing collection or something and that are apparently perfect for both cuddling up with Teddy and stylin’ through a nut cafe, or just profilin’ in exposed brick wall lofts (a gameday must at TWER HQ).

You can find the collection on TaoBao.com, aka the Chinese eBay, or directly from Sonyuara.com, aka the Korean (UPDATE: not Chinese—our apologies) J&M.

But you can see many more hip photos—and we’ve posted a mere fraction—of Auburn’s biggest fan in China (and a couple of her coolest friends) after the jump, as they say, and as we say for the first time. Stay orange, Pixie Boy.

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