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  1. I’m going to guess TIM COOK was probably left out as an outlier. If it consoles Bama grads any, the Princeton Review ranked Alabama the least studious University in the Country, so atleast they aren’t overexerting themselves for that $10,000 gap.

  2. I don’t usually get to speak to too many Alabama grads, but when I do, I usually upsize the fries.

  3. It’s funny how you guys can’t be happy with the ranking. Everything is compared to Alabama. How childish? I just saw another Auburn player got arrested today

  4. WEG,

    The fact you would call someone an “Updyke” shows how educated you really are. Have you Auburn scholars vandalized Coach Bryant’s graveyard yet this year? BTW, grad does stand for ‘graduate.’ I wonder how many Barners truly graduated from any college judging by the Mud Dogs I’ve seen while attending AU games with my wife. Typical, Old South, Christian hypocrites, the Auburn Fambly

  5. Oh, BTW, you rednecks are ALWAYS on the Capstone Report running down my school claiming to be only “defending Auburn.” whether it’s you or your cultish fanbase, get you or them off that and our forums off Tit for tat, losers

  6. You know they get really defensive when the truth about the academic superiority of Auburn comes out. Much more difficult to get admitted to Auburn, more rigorous curriculum and the end result, higher salaries after graduation!

  7. No, wrong on all accounts. First, Auburn is not Harvard or even GA Tech or Vanderbilt. Not even close. None of you obviously read US News & World Report where Alabama is ranked higher. As far as salaries, that study is misleading because it takes ALL majors into account, not just the business school rankings, which, BTW, was not solely investigated

    However, what’s funny and sad is how you all compare everything to UA. All because you guys have traditionally been our little brother. All those cute little cult-like sayings and gimmicks make us all laugh at Auburn and that giant chip on their shoulder. I always enjoy coming over here to see how you Auburn people search out photos of Leo and Prince wearing Auburn regalia. So pathetic, but very entertaining:)

    Keep skewing your facts, just like you CLAIM we do in football, and keep acting like the self-righteous arrogant jerkoffs, like you claim we are too! Hypocrites

  8. Whew! Someone sure had his tighty whities in a bunch. It really is sad that he even checks an Auburn blog/site. When my life is that boring that I have to troll Bama sites (or any other schools site for that matter) just to post ridiculous trash someone please remind me to take a vacation!

    @All In I actually know someone who was an Auburn fan until he got his rejection letter due to his low GPA and ACT scores… Then he got accepted to UA and became one obnoxious Bammer. All we have to do is remind him that he used to yell War Eagle and he quiets down lol

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