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Auburn dorm style highlighted in USA Today

Ahhh, this is the residence life: Auburn is on the front lines in the war to turn “traditional linoleum-and-cinderblock caves into spaces worthy of magazine spreads.”

Auburn was recently ranked 10th in the Princeton Review’s list of student bodies with the best quality of life. Maybe it has something to do with all the plush, positive vibes up in the dorms or whatever.

Auburn University freshman Griffin Knight and Moxii, the local business that made Knight’s dorm room look, as AU housing director Kim Trupp described it, “like something straight out of Southern Living,” are the main focus of today’s USA Today story on the Pinterest-driven trend of uber-coordinated dorm room makeovers.

The majority of the 20 picture photo gallery accompanying the story are shots of Knight and Moxii co-owner Katherine Bailey gettin’ their trendy on.

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