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  1. Bummer. I was planning to take the newest edition to see them this season. Incidentally, does anyone know the policy on whether an infant seated in the parents lap needs a ticket ?

  2. It’s hard not to hate ol’ Harvey. Idiot!! I really wish we could just leave those trees in place and nurse them back to health.. find something else to roll or start a brand new tradition until our trees are well again.

  3. Harvey just needs the snot beat out of him!! Royally! That idoit! I was hoping they would make it. Nurse them back! WAR EAGLE!!

  4. Screw you Harvey. You can only be lucky enough to find a deep dark hole to crawl in and die. This will never be forgotten.


  5. Let’s put some Spike 80DF up harvey’s A$$ and see how he feels!! roll damn tide!! In harvey’s twang! LOL

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