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Orienteering—the lost art of being an Auburn freshman in 1980

That was more or less the title of the feature. The Glom followed young Christy Burley from Haley Center to Haley Center to illustrate the apparently extreme gullibility of the Auburn freshman and the Soviet cruelty—with a stache like that he was probably pointing toward Moscow—of the 1980 Auburn upperclassman.

At least he didn’t try to grope her.

“To add further to the confusion, a mischievous senior might try to harass a freshman when one asks (with Haley Center in the background), ‘Where is Haley Center?'”
“Walking away from Haley Center, Christy Burley passes by Foy Union.”
“Further on and to the left, she sees one of Auburn’s oldest buildings—Samford Hall.”
Past Ralph Draughon Liberty, Christy continues her search for Haley Center.”
“Rounding the corner of Roosevelt Drive and Mell Street, she starts to wonder if she is heading in the right direction.”
“Finally, as Christy turns on to the concourse, she sees her destination and realizes a prank has been pulled.”

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