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New tiger paws painted on Auburn’s campus meant to keep students healthy

Hopefully those tigers didn’t stalk past the taco truck.

Want to lose weight and feel great, Auburn students? Forget the track. Just track the tiger.

Yep, those new paws prints are meant to increase not just your school spirit but your metabolism. It’s like a treasure map, only X marks 1-3 miles worth of burned calories.

From Auburn’s Office of Communications and Marketing:

This summer, the university’s Facilities Division painted new Auburn orange tiger paw prints around campus to designate the three new trails – two 1-mile loops and one 3-mile loop. They also painted paws on off-road walkways (along Wire Road to the College of Veterinary Medicine, Samford Avenue and Donahue Drive) with each quarter mile increment marked with a large paw.

The idea for the heart-healthy walking routes apparently came from AU president Dr. Jay Gogue, who grew tired of circling his driveway with a pedometer each day to keep the blubber at bay. Might as well take the scenic route, especially if you’re going that way anyway.

“Our campus is so beautiful and has become more pedestrian-friendly in recent years,” said Tammy Hollis, coordinator of the Healthy Tigers Wellness Initiative. “It just seemed logical to provide everyone with an opportunity to be healthy while they’re here.”

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