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Gorgeous Auburn graduates to star on new season of ‘The Amazing Race’

More like AUmazing Race: Best friends and Auburn grads Caitlin King and Brittany Fletcher will race for a million dollars this fall.

In 2010, former Auburn cheerleader Krista Klumpp fell short of becoming the ultimate Survivor. But blonde Auburn ambition is returning to CBS this fall in the form of the lovely Caitlin King and Brittany Fletcher.

The former romantic rivals turned best friends (thanks in part to King dating Fletcher’s brother, a former Auburn baseball player) have just been announced as cast members for the upcoming season of The Amazing Race.

King, 24, is a former Auburn Soccer standout and currently a early childhood special education teacher. Fletcher, 25, graduated from Auburn in 2009 and currently works in medical sales.

“We didn’t know each other, but we didn’t like each other,” King says in one of the shows promo videos. “We were always, like, after each others’ boys.”

Now they’re tag-teaming a race to a million dollars.

“The nice thing about Caitlin and I that’s great, we’ve never been the kind to hold grudges,” Fletcher says. “We forget and forgive and move on.”

Watch them move on Sept. 30 at 7 pm CST on CBS.

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