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Chizik announces depth chart; the heavens sing glorious praise

Rainbow over the Auburn campus.
What did it look like from within the business building’s dome?

We’re not saying we believe every leprechaun story. We’re not saying we believe there’s gold here — settle down and mind your own yard, Dan Mullen. And we’re not saying this is an omen or a sign or a prediction of any sort. We don’t want to Sheridan* this up and get into a foolhardy series of prognostications**.

We would just point out our favorite attribute of rainbows: you never know where the ends are. Is this beauty indicating Jordan-Hare Stadium or The Goal Post?

We are just saying the sky is blue, the sun is orange and God His Own Self in Heaven, is looking directly down upon us.

Via @ElliottJLynn.

*Speaking of which, look for more big news out of Danny Bookerman Sheridan any day. We do predict that he’ll soon grow tired of Twittergate being his top Google return and necessarily dream up something else in short order.

**Speaking of which, we’re pretty sure football preseason picks are the reason the expression “Down the memory hole” was invented. These things disappear more quickly than a downtown Meyer. Begs the question, what was the point? Look! A rainbow!

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