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Reuben Foster’s entire family planning on getting Auburn tattoos [UPDATED]

You know what they says: The family that tatts together, stays committed to the same school together.

According to a a story by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, five-star Auburn commit Reuben Foster and his mother will be meeting with NCAA investigators today to discuss his recruitment and his family’s move to the Auburn area last spring.

Turns out he actually met with the Alabama High School Athletic Association—but whatever, the real story is that Foster’s mother—nay, his “entire family”—will be getting Auburn tattoos to match the one that famously sealed his commitment in ink just days after his commitment switch from Alabama to Auburn:

One day after flipping to Auburn, Foster cemented the decision by getting a gigantic Auburn tattoo on his forearm. His mother said the commitment remains so strong that the entire family intends to get Auburn tattoos, also.

We think the entire Foster family should call another press conference just to show them off when they’re finished.

We just want to know if Reuben’s daughter A’Ziya is getting one.

The AJC’s story also goes into detail about Foster’s meeting with an NCAA AHSAA official today, which doesn’t come as much of a surprise considering the circumstances of his move and the seemingly-sudden commitment flip.

However, the flip didn’t come as much of a surprise in the first place either, seeing as how Foster’s family won’t have to travel far for games in Jordan-Hare, and how Auburn’s head recruiters Trooper Taylor and Curtis Luper had virtually unlimited access to recruit Foster — within the NCAA rules — with their sons Blaise Taylor and Cameron Echols-Luper being Foster’s teammates at Auburn High.

Foster’s mother, Anita Paige, shed even more light on the decision to the AJC, saying that the family moved to the Auburn area for the Auburn public school system and the academic opportunities it would give Foster’s younger siblings. Auburn City Schools have been cited as the best educational value in the Southeast by the Wall Street Journal, and have been listed as one of the top 100 school districts in the nation by Parenting magazine.

Paige also said that another deciding factor was the passing of Foster’s late cousin, LaDarious Phillips.

“Plus it had to do with those shootings at Auburn,” Paige told the AJC. “Ladarious Phillips was his cousin who played football at Auburn and was one of those who got killed. That played a big role in Reuben’s decision.

“He wants to carry on Ladarious’ legacy at Auburn.”

Top AU 247sports.com photo via, tattoo photo via Justin Hokanson.

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