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AU’s 1977 Freshman Orientation Brochure (is the stuff of nightmares)

As if 1977 wasn’t a confusing enough time to start Auburn, the university decided to put this freaky little friend on the cover of its Freshman Orientation Brochure.

Seriously, what’s up with that giant death palm (with bonus wart?)? It’s terrifying. It’s only worse on the inside.

You wouldn’t want that little fella looking at you, let alone groping you with his puffer. And those menacing Lie to Me/ Psych 101 eyebrows don’t exactly scream “welcome to campus.”

Our apologies if this was modeled on someone’s roommate or is self-portraiture, though if it is, and he’s right-handed, he would have drawn it with one of those giant novelty pencils. Proportionately, that arm could wrap around him like a boa constrictor (sweet mercies).

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