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Vintage (Pre-Phil Neel) Auburn-Clemson program covers

1940 Clemson small

Before Phil Neel saved Auburn program covers in 1959, art used was stock stuff selected from catalogs of Rockwell wannabes (if it was selected—at least by Auburn and not whoever was working that shift at the printers—at all: recall the identical nightmare of the Bama and Clemson covers from 1955), …

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Auburn vs. Clemson, brought to you by Chesterfield cigarettes!

Auburn Clemson cheerleader program cigarettes

Back in a time of leather helmets, as a football player, the early emphysema that would devour your lungs were they to tackle the cancercoupia featured in this fantastic ad from the 1940 Auburn-Clemson program was probably the last of your health concerns. Besides, doctors recommend cigarettes. (But dentists recommended …

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Top 5 Games vs. Clemson: No place like Dome

You'll never guess where we rank the original God Thing...

(Editor’s note: Each week this football season, Auburn University Journalism Instructor and The Auburn Plainsman Adviser Austin Phillips will break down the greatest games against that week’s opponent or notable games in that week’s history. Break it down, Austin.) The Auburn Tigers will take on the Clemson Tigers for the …

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