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War Eagle Relics Spins The Black Circle

Auburn Record Player (late ‘50s)

“No orange jerseys, but I’ve been going through some of my photos of my old collections and found some stuff you might want to use… what’s great about WER, for me, is that it’s finally a proper outlet / excuse to post some of this stuff that I’ve been saving, but struggle justifying (even though I probably shouldn’t, and some definitely would stand alone) as individual posts.

The record player is more than likely late ‘50s. Came from an estate sale. The stuff on the inside are stickers, but the thing on the outside, at least the A if not the actual Tiger head, looks like it was almost personalized or somehow printed on there or something, but I could be totally wrong on that.”

–       Jeremy Henderson

It’s always nice to know this post has provided the man in charge with another avenue to share his deep and undying love for all things Auburn with his devoted readers. From what I can tell from these pictures, that may be an old school, apply-with-water Auburn decal on the front of the case.  While the record player may not have begun its life as an officially licensed Auburn product (if there was such a thing back then), that decal has surely been on there long enough to qualify it as an Auburn relic today. I’d love to know the tunes that were played on this over the years. Maybe some early Elvis, well before his own “War Eagle” moment in 1974.

Auburn Patches (1957)

“I had this set for a long time.  Not sure what the intent for these were – maybe sewn into a pillow?  Not too proud of this, but I found these in someone’s trash pile.  How could they throw these away? I have recently sold them (needed the money), but sill enjoyed having them on display in my office while I owned them.”

– Scott Walker

How did I forget to include these patches in the 1957 post a few weeks ago? They both highlight the under-heralded ’57 title and use the old API name, which despite being the school’s official name for many years hasn’t showed up on a lot of items we’ve received. Not only that, but these patches are so beautiful, I would almost consider framing this picture of them. I can’t imagine someone throwing them away. Also hard to imagine having to part with them, but I’m sure Scott made some lucky collector very happy. Maybe they did end up in a pillow somewhere, after all.

Auburn – Georgia Game T-Shirt (1988)

“I found this shirt in a bookstore before the 1988 AU-UGA game and had to have it to wear to the game. As I was seated and watching the pregame warm-ups, a guy dressed in red and black came up the steps and sat in the seat directly behind me. He sat there just long enough to read the back of my shirt, which as shown in the photos says “Univ. of Georgia, Where the Dawgs are Dawgs and the women are too.”  He tapped me on the shoulder and said, “I’ll have you know that my wife attended Georgia.”  I looked back and just said, “WOOF-WOOF” and began laughing. Well, fortunately, he also began laughing and we had a great time during the entire ballgame. That game is the way college football should be enjoyed, even between competing fans. Auburn went on to win the game 20-10 in the second victory of our 4-game series winning streak over Georgia.”

– Randy Wiggins

Last November, Jeremy did a great story on the man who turned the hoses on Georgia after the 1986 game at Jordan-Hare that inspired this shirt. The post even made mention of this shirt while also featuring a “We hose the best… and beat the rest” shirt (not sure that’s really an insult to UGA, ‘80s Auburn t-shirt makers). Fortunately for Mr. Wiggins two years later, his decidedly more insulting shirt didn’t get him in any trouble with the visiting fan behind him. Good to know Georgia fans were not always as sensitive as they seem to have been for the last couple of years.

Auburn – Vanderbilt Game Program (1951)

“Count as a relic? Framed 1951 program cover Vandy at Auburn I picked up at a Nashville antique store for $15.”

–       @thejuiceisgood

Auburn travels to Vanderbilt again this season with 2008’s devastating, embarrassing, Tony Franklin-job-killing loss to the Commodores still fresh in most fans’ minds. Losing to Vanderbilt is just not something Auburn fans expect to happen. Unless you were an Auburn fan in 1951. From the official team game preview prior to that 2008 game: “Auburn did not celebrate a victory over Vanderbilt from 1925 until 1951, a 26-year period that covered eight games. Ralph “Shug” Jordan gave Auburn fans cause to celebrate for the first time in a lifetime with a 24-14 win at Auburn in 1951.” Twenty-six years! Eight straight losses to Vandy! This program is more than just a program, it is a memento of a game that would mark a turning point in the course of the rivalry forever. Well worth $15, Juice.

Auburn Bar Stool

“I found a couple of Relics hiding in my house. The first one is an old bar stool with a wonderful logo. My second favorite logo, behind the AU and eagle. This bar stool was in our garage for years before I put it in my room and saved it!”

–       Clint Richardson

In the Auburn sports bar of my dreams, which is filled with all of the great Relics everyone has sent me the past few months, this is what you sit on. Glad to see another fan of the pouncing Tiger logo (it’s probably 4th on my list of favorite Auburn alternate logos, but I still love it).

Auburn Blanket (Mid-‘80s)

“The attached pictures are my War Eagle relics, to the extent I can really have “relics” at 33 years of age. This is a blanket that was probably the first piece of Auburn paraphernalia my parents ever bought me (I grew up an Auburn fan in Knoxville; my parents were not proud), probably in the mid ‘80s. I always wondered why the blue was more appropriate for a Florida blanket, but I digress. It was reversible and had my ever-favorite “eagle through the A” logo.” 

–       Darsi Newman Sirknen

Aside from featuring my favorite alternate Auburn logo, I love the story behind this blanket. Thinking of a young Auburn fan in a house of Vols, all wrapped up in her orange and blue blanket, just makes me smile.

That’s it for this week’s edition, but we’ll be back soon with more Auburn goodness. For previous posts, click here. Thanks as always to our great contributors. If you have something you’d like to share, email me at [email protected] or tweet me @FearlessandTrue.

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