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  1. I understand why 2010 was picked over 2004, but I still don’t think 2010 wins that hypothetical game….UNLESS Will Herring gets as lost on all the motion and play-fakes as he did against UT in Atlanta and VT in the Sugar Bowl. That could turn that game towards 2010.

    I saw every game in 2004 in person, and all but two games of 2010 in person. It would be close, but my money would go on JC, Caddy, and Ronnie to out-score Cam and the rest.

  2. It’s just really hard for me to envision EITHER 2004 or 2010 actually losing a game. I will always believe that 2004 was the more complete and dominant team, but regardless, both will always hold a very special place in Auburn history.

  3. I think if the 2004 team and the 2010 team played in a hypothetical national championship after both coaching staffs had a month to prepare, the 2010 team would win. Compare the 04 team’s game against Va Tech with the 2010 team’s game against Oregon.

  4. I’m actually not so sure that comparison tells us a whole lot. Both won by 3 points, both arguably should have won by more, but let late scores from the other team keep it close. 2010 Oregon was the better offensive team, 2004 VT was better on defense. You also have to take into account the ’04 team was probably a bit let down and less motivated since they knew they weren’t playing for all the marbles. Anyway, it would be a heck of a game.

  5. “and then a holding call on a Brent Fullwood touchdown run that would have beaten Georgia (in the infamous “Wet Dawg” game)”

    Not a holding penalty but the infamous “inadvertant whistle” by the ref blew the play dead as Fullwood broke free for about a 45 yard TD run, late 4th quarter in the 1986 Uga game .

  6. Part of the reason those late ’80s team didn’t have a break-away back was due to bad luck with the injury bugs to RBs. Henry Love, Harry Mose, and Lectron Williams were all 5* studs who had career ending injuries early in their careers.

    However, Danley and Joesph were solid Pat Dye backs and still came up big.

  7. The biggest difference between 2004 and 2010 was on defense. The 2004 defense was much better, especially against the pass.

    Also, the 2010 team had a lot of “escapes” while the 2004 team took several top 20 teams out behind the woodshed (UT and UGA).

  8. To ratchet the debate up even further, I ask the following:

    Who would win between the 2004 team @ UT vs. the 2010 @ SEC Championship? These were the 2 most dominating performances I have ever seen from Auburn. My money: 2010 SEC Championship game team.

  9. The thing about the 2004 team against VT is you have to take Tubs’ philosophy of holding on to a lead into account. I think that team could have blown away VT if Tubs had kept on it. But he did what he always did: got a big enough lead that he knew his defense could hunker down and hold off the other team and then played extremely conservative on offense the rest of the way. The 2004 defense with the 2010 offense, with the Chiz/Gustav offensive philosophy… THAT would be something to see.

  10. Based upon the statements made about the ’93 team, and when you attempt to stack the criteria established against the ’97 & ’06 teams, I can understand why the ’94 team was left off of the top 10 list. However, I feel that the 2005 team should be ranked over the 2006 team. As much as I enjoyed the victories over LSU, and UF in ’06, the 2005 had the better overall and level performance, and exceeded expectations.

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