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P.W. Underwood’s Picture Day Pile On, 1977

There’s so little we know about what went on during the Barfield-era of Auburn football. So very, very little.

You’d think that some never-before-seen photos of AU defensive coordinator P.W. “Bear” Underwood and his defensive tackles / stackles taken on Picture Day 1977 would help along these lines. But they don’t… they don’t.

Here’s another same-day shot of the now officially legendary—as in right now, as soon as that outfit pings your peripheral optic nerves—football fashionista looking every bit the part of a 1970s cult leader-pornographer, in a good way.

Oh, and speaking of inscrutable football fashion choices, here’s a photo from the same roll of Auburn players on a dining hall safari!

Yes, of course captions are welcome. Love you late 70s, Auburn… it was the best-dressed of times.

Photos by Brad Ashmore.

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