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It’s Prounced Jordan says HIT A BUTTON, RICH!

Yes, we’re obviously further away from being caught up than ever. This episode? May 31st for crying out loud. Depressing, I know.

But I’m half-fulling it as an opportunity to illustrate how worth your time it would be to listen to It’s Pronounced Jordan LIVE.

I don’t know if you noticed or not, but I’ve haven’t just been recycling TWERtent as of late. There’s been some hot, controversial, exclusive action happening up in the Auburn Network Studios each Thursday at 5 pm, the revealing of unpublished, line-crossing secrets, buttons pushed.

It was only this week that the topics of this particular episode made it to the site. Didn’t tune in on May 31st? That means you walked around in Aubie ignorance for more than a month! Imagine if you had been standing in line at McAlister’s and the blonde girl behind the counter asked you what you thought about Aubie’s court testimony or if you thought he was a Christian or not. You would have no idea what she was talking about. That is no way to live.

For more marvelous Marconi misadventures in Auburn history, tune in to The Drive—ESPN 1065 FM in Auburn / Opelika or online at www.espnau.com—Thurs. at 5 p.m. And for previous episodes, click here.

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