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If Jeff Foxworthy is in an Auburn shirt, he MIGHT be an Auburn fan

If you’re wearing an Auburn shirt, you might be an Auburn fan.

Jeff Foxworthy recently wore an Auburn shirt on the set of The Great American Bible Challenge, whose studio happens to be next to the studio where the new show Beat The Chef is being filmed. Christy Jordan of SouthernPlate.com is a judge on the show. She posted a photo of herself and Foxworthy in said Auburn shirt on Facebook.  TWER reader T.J. Goff is friends with Jordan on Facebook. He spotted the Auburn shirt. He sent us the photo. And that, friends, is the anatomy of a TWER post.

Why was the comedian of “You Might Be A Redneck” fame in an Auburn shirt? Because Auburn shirts are just what you wear when you’re the host of a Christian gameshow. It’s a God thing. Foxworthy knows this. Oh, and word on the tweet is that the comedian’s daughter is considering coming to Auburn.

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