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Gene Chizik presides over Auburn student’s marriage proposal

Auburn coach Gene Chizik may or may not have been in on the act in a surprise marriage proposal that happened at the end of a luncheon held on AU’s campus earlier this summer. But let’s just say he was.

After announcing he had time for one more question, Chizik, a speaker at the event (AT WHICH THEY SERVED SOME SORT OF MAGIC GOLDEN FLAKE COKE), looked to his right and finally pointed his “you” finger at Auburn student Trey Davis.

Davis took the opportunity to get down in a one-knee stance.

“Bethany Martin, it’s been two and half years,” Davis says. “From day one I knew that I loved you. It took took me three times asking you to be my girlfriend, and I’m hoping it will only take one time for me to ask you to be my wife. Will you marry me?”

Bethany Martin, also an Auburn student, said yes. Chizik waffled.

“I’m not sure how to answer this one,” he said.

The below videos show the proposal from two different angles, though Chizik’s set up is only seen in the first.

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