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Auburn’s Tyler McGill in USA Olympic swim team’s viral ‘Call Me Maybe’ video

“Your stare was holdin’…”

Tyler McGill has already locked up his 15 minutes of fame no matter how well he does in the 100 meter butterfly or the 400 meter freestyle relay.

The Auburn economics grad (who issued us a “#WarDamnEagle” after making the U.S. Olympic team) gets some quality, horn-rimmed face time just before the 2:20 mark in Team USA’s viral “Call Me Maybe” video, which got Seacrest’ed on NBC’s Saturday night coverage of the Summer Games and currently has more than 2 million views on YouTube.

Auburn swim legend Rowdy Gaines is also in the video, for a split second at least. A Yahoo! blogger ended his post about the video with the “little known fact” that “Call Me Maybe” was supposedly actually written about Gaines. Kind of hard to believe a 26-year-old Canadian pop-singer would be crushing on a 53-year old NBC Olympics commentator but hey, we’ve never seen him in ripped jeans. And hey, is an Auburn Man.

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