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Auburn University Bookstore—The Sitcom

You’re supposed to roll your eyes at college kids with video cameras trying to be funny, right? Well, what do you with your eyes with they succeed?

I just kept them on the screen.

I mean, I don’t know… maybe it’s because I have The Office and Parks and Rec netflixing on my phone all day, every day and I’m just a sucker for the style or something, or that I’m just one of those idiots who isn’t afraid to say that, I mean, I’m at least entertained by The Newsroom.

But man, once that awesome cash register girl said “You found a loophole in the retail infrastructure… congratulations,” I was hooked. I watched the whole thing. And as someone who was once the Mello Yello guzzling Norm! of “Sanders Bookstore” on “Mongolia Avenue” next to “McRonalds,” I know the writers and producers of The Bookstore have pathos a plenty to work wit (badum). I’m staying tuned.

Check their Facebook page for word on upcoming episodes, unless you’re like that one girl: “Yeah, I just keep a Facebook account so I can have something to give up for Lent.”

h/t Luke Hasha.

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