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The Campus Newton Podcast: Episode 3 / Pike 80DF

Alex from Dadeville.

Boss-man Jeremy Henderson joined the Campus Newton crew as a special guest (and third wheel) for the latest episode of the podcast. We knew that with so many TWER powers in one place, we had the ability to create something really special.

Instead—we wish we could say we were drunk, but we weren’t—this happened

Click the green play arrow below to hear the gang go to court, filling you in on the latest Updyke update and current college-freshman shenanigans. Meanwhile, since the Lee County Justice System is having such a hard time finding an impartial jury for Mr. Harvey’s trial, we decided to offer a little help and put together the perfect Dream Jury for them.

Here is the finished product. Our apologies to: Zeke Pike, Jeff Burger, Rob Chubb, Wetumpka, the assteroid or whatever that created Wetumpka, Jesus, and pretty much everyone else we mentioned. We promise to just stick to talking about football next time.

For previous episodes, go here.

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