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Code Crimson: Bama fan refuses to remove ‘Go to hell Auburn’ sticker on TLC’s ‘On The Fly’

We just assume that most children of Bama fans are used to being the most mature person in the room, like the youngster dragged into an incident featured on the latest, appropriately titled episode (“Stay Classy, Alabama”) of TLC’s “On The Fly,” a reality show highlighting the trials and tribulations of Southwest Airlines employees.

A Bama fan en route to Birmingham for last year’s Iron Bowl “had to be saved by a five-year-old” when he wouldn’t remove a “Go To Hell Auburn” sticker from his shirt before boarding.

Yes, you are the best, little girl, and thank goodness you asked Santa for some censorship stickers (and that he apparently came through for you a whole month early or something?).

Eagle Eye Award to Albert Butler. Video services again provided by Jeff Poor.

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