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Chris Porter cements his status as Auburn legend

The turn of the millennium was a golden age of Auburn cement art. Encased in point (badum): This story and photo from TWER reader Scott Owen.

“In college we lived at Campus Courtyard Apts on Magnolia. Early in the year 2000 the only thing on our minds was AU basketball. Rudi Johnson hadn’t yet arrived on the plains and football wasn’t in the best place we’d ever been. Chris Porter had saved Auburn sports for us. They were doing some repaving in the parking lot and there was wet cement, which was a great opportunity for a 20-year-old. What would you have put in the cement? Check out what my roommate, Auburn man, and future record label CEO, Ben Washer, did with the wet cement. As you can see CP4 came long before CP3.”

This photo was taken this past weekend. And Chris still looks amazing. But would you would expect a masterpiece such as this to stand the test of tires and time? Head to 542 W Magnolia Ave, specifically the back parking area under the trees, if you want to see it up close and personal and in its original location. Now that it’s posted, we expect action by the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art very soon.

Related: Future of “CAM” graffiti on War Eagle wall downtown yet to be determined.

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