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Auburn students hang ref in effigy at Toomer’s Corner, 1964

This ref was born in New York City—NEW YORK CITY?!

Other than something about some Georgia fans and a chalking incident or something at Toomer’s Corner in 1961 or thereabouts, I haven’t found anything.

But maybe the red paint found in the substrata of the Toomer’s eagles during their recent restoration was just “blood” (realism!) from the ref we strung up, the one who cost us the game against Georgia Tech in 1964. He said Tucker Frederickson didn’t score a touchdown. Auburn students thought otherwise. And man, back in the day, when Auburn students felt otherwise, Auburn students didn’t mess around. When our dander was raised, so too were the effigies. And I’m not just talking pseudo-hippie Glom editors.

In 1958, Auburn students also hung an effigy at Toomer’s Corner (presumably), this one of NCAA executive director Walter Byers for denying our request to play LSU in the 1958 Sugar Bowl. Sure, we were on probation… but we said we’d give our cut of the money to charity, your heartless jerk!

Photo from the Oct. 21, 1964 issue of The Plainsman.

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