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  1. Having correct and verified information is not always the most important thing. There’s a social responsibility that comes with being a journalist, which seems to be overlooked frequently these days. Did the young man who tweeted names of the deceased consider whether family had been notified? There are times when confirmed information still needs to be kept close to the vest until other factors are considered and/or confirmed. Having it first doesn’t always make it right. The web and instant news access may be changing, but it’s important to remember the human element behind the fast-paced news element.

    Aside from my thoughts on sharing the names, I think the students did a fantastic job at covering the event. I am proud of them for the continued coverage. Breaking news is a tough business and unfortunately, the best way to learn is to experience it. I have been impressed at their willingness to work long hours to make sure the information was online. That’s the reality of journalism. Good job.

  2. Well done to all of the students who worked on this story. When I was a Plainsman staffer, we covered the events of September 11th. I still remember getting a call from my mom as I walked across campus to the bottom of Foy, and knowing it was going to be a long, long day. It’s not an easy task to take on a major story for the first time, and I applaud their work.

    I agree with giving the names of the deceased in this case, because as Dr. Carvalho pointed out, there were multiple tweets coming from players and no one was refuting the information more than eight hours after the event. Tough call, good decision.

  3. This was a very informative blow-by-blow on how a newspaper staff should work together during a big breaking news event. The fact that this was accomplished by college journalists with other jobs and real lives makes their work all the more admirable. As a semi-retired journalist, this is the type of action I miss. I don’t miss all the office politics and other BS. Good job to all and sorry for your losses there at Auburn, a beautiful place.


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