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  1. That was great! And the stadium isn’t even full on THE dedication gameday. Man, we have come a loooonnnng way.

  2. I was there too – a 9 year old boy sitting on the railing of the presentation platform with my buddies. We’d sit in the endzone waiting for Auburn to score. When they did, we’d run on the field, pat the players on the shoulder and jump back in the stands. At the end of the quarter, we’d move to the other endzone and do it again. As soon as the clock hit 0:00, every kid in the stadium jumped on the field and the players would give us their chin straps and sweat bands. Great times!

  3. “…henceforth, this stadium shall be known as THE Jordan-Hare Stadium…”

  4. Rick Neel ran for a TD after Ole Miss tied it up to win it for AU. It was John Vaught’s first game back as the Ole Miss coach to finish the 73 season.

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