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It’s Pronounced Jordan pummels lads… or John Heisman knows Auburn should have won the 1899 Sewanee game

There’s this book called Ninety-Nine Iron about the undefeated 1899 Sewanee football team that won five games in six days, no typo, that was scored on only once, in their game against Auburn. And had the refs been close to competent (or close to ethical), it might not have have ever been written.

That’s what I discussed with a Ron-less Rich back, geez, all the way on April 12. And the plan was to do a proper post on the subject after the show, to go into how John Heisman’s boys woulda coulda shoulda beaten what some call the greatest football team ever, how Sewanee’s boys were practically begging for death halfway through the game, how Heisman’s reaction to being robbed, to defending Auburn’s honor—he had war of correspondence with the ref in the letter to the editor section of the Montgomery Advertiser—proves almost as much as his love letter to Auburn students that he isn’t just some trivia booyah! we can throw in someone’s face at a bar, that he was an actual coach like Shug and Tuberville and Dye and Barfield and Chizik who drank Auburn water and drank Toomer’s lemonade (legend has it he was guzzlin’ Toom on the roof of the drugstore while his boys greased the rails for Georgia Tech back in) and walked in Auburn buildings past Auburn coeds, etc. But for now, my spoken wording in this much belatedly archived episode of It’s Pronounced Jordan will have to suffice. I think it does.

The Heisman heart of it all doesn’t really start pumping till around 10:10 or so. Discussed before: Heisman statues, the burgling of Einstein’s brain, early Superman movies. Discussed after: Bo coming back to school.

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