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Former (Friend of) Aubie competing on “America’s Got Talent”

Maybe the reason our mascot is so much better than other mascots is because the people who fill the stripes have real, marketable, make-a-career-of-it, television-worthy talent… excuse me, have got talent. Take for example Taylor Griswold, who as head Aubie in 2003 brought home Auburn’s fifth mascot national championship, and who currently performs as Hooper, mascot of the Detroit Pistons. He’s also director of the Pistons’ acrobatic slam dunk team The Flight Crew, which regularly provides halftime entertainment during Pistons home games. And which, you know, has / has got talent.

The team (or at least some phonetically slang’ed version of it calling itself Flyte Cru—trademark issues purhapz?) performed on last night’s episode of America’s Got Talent and impressed the judges enough for a trip to Vegas. FYI, Taylor’s the one doing the talking—and, we presume, selecting the music.

h/t Karen Powell.

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