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  1. I’m ALL SHOOK UP after reading this post. I am full of BURNING LOVE for the King. If he had been at Tuscaloosa, he would have sung IN THE GHETTO in honor of Bama.

  2. Well, that’s it. No more AU in pop culture references required. Unless they unearth more dead sea scrolls detailing the prophet Elijah carried to heaven while shouting “War Eagle”, this is pretty much the pinnacle.

  3. From a message board poster commenting on a link to the story that I happened upon:

    “My mother saw Elvis in tuscaloosa, and she said he definitely DID NOT say roll tide!!!”

    Take that for what it’s worth.

  4. UNBELIEVABLE…, love, love the CD of Elvis in Auburn in 1974! Yes, I was there & yes that tells my age BUT it was AUSOME!! I can not believe you found this and it made it’s way to me from eBay! Way to go WER….I have listened to it already hundreds of times!! Many Many Thanks from LAHearts!! Warrrrrrrr Eagle & Elvis, forever & always!!

  5. Also would have been “You’re so right” Carl Stephens’s 80th birthday today.


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