Hear Elvis say ‘War Eagle’

I’ve had tons of never-before-seen photos for a while and I’ve heard stories from people who saw him at a gas station or something, and people who went to the concert, which is pretty much everyone who was here that night, including my grandmother. But if only… if only… if only I could somehow track down video or even just audio… or just something, a little something, a little wink towards Auburn. Bjork had her Auburn cup, maybe Elvis wore orange and blue suede shoes? Just something. Like, if maybe there was an Elvis shop in England selling a recording by a fan who somehow taped the show on some ancient cassette deck or something, a recording that before cutting off maybe caught Elvis saying something like, oh, I don’t know, maybe like “I’d like to tell you a little something. It was my pleasure being on this beautiful campus today and I’m a fan of Auburn’s football team… War Eagle.”

I mean if I could find something like that, that would be awesome.

(Can’t see the video? Try here.)

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