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Auburn’s banned 1979 high school student recruitment poster

To be fair, she WAS an 8.3… so…

The 1970s was a titillating time for Auburn’s High School Relations Office.

First there was 1974 Glomerata. Copies of Auburn’s yearbook were customarily sent to every high school in the state. But that year pages 54 and 55 had to go under the scissors to have their breasts removed. Five years later, High School Relations censors were up against a similar issue, this time in the form of the detailed comic of campus life serving as Auburn’s recruitment poster, particularly the six bros scoping out an obviously bra-less coed.

Actually, as The Plainsman noted, it was a fairly accurate depiction. Grading female passersby with actual scorecards wasn’t an uncommon practice on the concourse back in the day. (And let us not forget the A.U. Squirrel Club.) But that wasn’t the only scene that didn’t pass muster. There were the three identical ASS brothers (Alpha Sigma Sigma). And finally, do bear witness to the response to the concourse evangelist—Brother Jed (listen to him here) made his first big play for student souls at Auburn that year—proclaiming that Jesus saves: “Yeah, but does he write term papers?”

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The thing was drawn (in full-color by the way, we just have the black and white) by former Plainsman cartoonist extraordinaire Jimmy Johnson, of current Arlo and Janis fame, and then working for University Relations. He had apparently done something similar for the Kansas State edition of Auburn Football Illustrated a couple of months earlier. University Relations thought it’d make a good poster. He made some modifications–whether racier or tamer, we’re not sure. They showed it to the High School Relations office before they printed them. Assistant Director Grant Davis thought it would offend would-be Auburn Tigers and their parents. Dean of Student Services Wilbur Tincher agreed. Johnson made more modifications. But this time, either thinking that they’d PG’d it beyond objection (there’s Snoopy with a houndstooth hat in mouth!), or that it was to better to ask forgiveness than permission, University Relations actually went ahead and printed the poster before receiving the final High School Relations thumbs up, which as it would turn out, they never got. “THIS DUMB POSTER BROUGHT TO YOU BY AUBURN UNIVERSITY” didn’t make it to a single high school guidance counselor (who, if they kept up with the doins of High School Relations Office must have thought that “The Female Form” was some secret Auburn core requirement or something).  They were put up for grabs at Foy Union information desk, all 16,000 them. Surely one had to survive. If you have one to spare, please send it to us, or even just a photo. We promise not to be offended.

Graphic from Oct. 4, 1979 issue of The Auburn Plainsman.

UPDATE: Here’s how it looks in color, and framed and hanging in the office of 1986 Auburn grad Stan Manush.

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