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  1. Cool – I have one of the original orange jerseys that I will photo & email too.

  2. Something I forgot: I was at the 1978 AU vs UGA game with my parents when these things debuted. I was 7 years old at the time. They warmed up in blue and then came back out in the orange. We were sitting in the southwest corner of JHS and they ran out right underneath us. Remember when they ran out of the corner? It hasn’t been that long ago. I wish visiting teams still had to run out from under our student section….but I digress. Anyway, my dad c/o ’62 said something that I don’t quite remember but I’m sure wouldn’t be repeatable. Great memories.

  3. For all the hatred the orange jerseys seem to inspire, the truth is that they were first worn to fire up the crowd – and it worked. Bart c/o 95 is correct, the team warmed up in the blue jerseys, went into the locker room, came out in the orange ones and the crowd went wild.

    BTW, Georgia was a double-digit favorite in that game which ended in a tie. It was in one sense a moral victory since we were major underdogs but didn’t lose the game. The frustrating part was that two calls that went against us – both involving William Andrews – that replays showed were absolutely blown and either one called correctly would have given us the win.

  4. The orange jersey brings back memories. My uncle gave me his after he was done at Auburn and I kept it for many years. When he had kids of his own I thought they might like a memento of his playing days, so I returned it. Will check to see if he still has it. That accounts partly for #70.


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