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‘Toomer’s Corner’ to open Cullman branch?

Auburn fans in Cullman could soon be rolling Toomer’s Corner from the comfort of their own city.

Toomer’s Corner will soon be opening a branch in Cullman, ba dum chhh.

But no, seriously—they won’t be related by blood like the regularly rolled oak planted last year on Capitol Hill, but the Toomer’s Oaks will likely soon have a new namesake of sorts in north Alabama thanks to Cullman’s Rotary Club which is in the process of replacing a portion of the 600 trees lost in the city’s downtown during last April’s devastating tornado outbreak.

“Our plan is to plant one tree for each Rotarian in our club,” Lisa Eckenrod, the project’s organizer, told the Cullman Times. “At present, that would be replacing 53 trees lost on public property in the City of Cullman. We chose one tree for one Rotarian in order for our members to take ‘ownership’ of the project. Each of our Rotarians will even have the opportunity to name their tree. One of our Rotarians wants to name his ‘Toomer’s Corner.’”

And anyone walking past that particular tree will likely know they’re walking past Toomer’s Corner.

“We intend to have permanent Rotary signage at each area where our trees are planted,” Eckenrod said.

Here’s hoping Cullman is better with plaques than Congress.


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