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That Time They Burned The Glom

Get around a Glom snob and one of the first things they’ll do is test you on the 1970 book.

“You know why it’s rare, right?” You play along and say “why?” And then they’ll say “because it was burned.” It’s one of these stories that you hear—”man, really? Wow, that’s wild”—but the reality of it didn’t sink in for me until I actually saw the photos. I drove up to Birmingham and I started digging through the moldy box of negatives and found a sleeve with the words “Glom burning” written on it and, lucky heart pounding, held them up to the light and there they glowed: burning Gloms, a patriotic purification ritual symbolizing the Auburn attitude toward change so central to the book I was writing.

Holy crap, are those marshmallows?

For the why of it all, click here.

Photos by Brad Ashmore.

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