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Jay Jacobs, Offensive Tackle

In addition to all that undertaking, Jacob's hobbies were water skiing, basketball, and softball. You'll never guess the person listed above him in Auburn's 1983 football media guide. HINT: His hobbies are track and baseball, "as might be expected."

No, this isn’t just cashing in this Auburn VIPs as Young Bucks culture we live in. It also deepens our appreciation for Jay Jacobs early career aspirations.

Apparently, Jay’s desire to be a funeral director wasn’t just some fun-fact for Clyde Bolton to discover and mine for a pre-bowl profile, but a big enough Something About You to include in his media guide bio.

“His grandfather was an undertaker at LaFayette near Auburn, and Jay used to delight in playing in [sic] casket room and scaring his friends…”

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