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Bo Jackson (and his mustache) on ‘Married With Children’

Equally as spellbinding for the mid-’90s teenage Auburn fan watching the Season 10 Married With Children episode “Torch Song Duet” as the show’s trademark, gratuitous cleavage was Bo Jackson’s pencil ‘stache and cross earring.

Bo, in one of several same-era small screen cameos, guest starred as Calvin Farquar, a radio talk show host giving away tickets to the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta—and, as it turned out, a spot in the Olympic torch relay. Al really wants to go to the summer games; Atlanta is far away from Peggy and according to Jefferson has really good “nudie bars.”

But at some point in the Married With Children past, Farquar apparently banned Al from calling the show for making a joke about the appearance of female golfers (ironically, Bo later mistakes Marcie for Bruce Jenner). So Al gets his pal and co-worker Griff to call to win the tickets. Hilarity and cat calls ensue. (Can’t see the video? Try here.)

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