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Auburn Man highest paid CEO in America in 2011

Auburn should adopt a new pitch to prospective students: "What can you expect as an Auburn graduate? How about, 'becoming the richest CEO in America'?"

Of course that’s an easy accomplishment when you’re the the leader of the free digital world.

According to Bloomberg.com, Apple CEO Tim Cook, a 1982 Auburn grad (who posed for the Glom all four years he was in school), was the highest-paid chief executive officer in the U.S. last year, earning approximately $378 million in salary, perks, bonuses and stocks. That’s, like, five times more than his closest competition, Oracle Corp.’s Larry Ellison, who received a paltry $77 million.

We can only hope a portion of Cook’s compensation will go toward making Auburn’s iStadium a reality.

h/t Auburn Elvis.

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