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The Times That Try TWER’s Soul

TWER (once again) needs your help to maintain the quality of vintage Auburn shirts to which Alice has grown accustomed. Won't you please give?

God knows The War Eagle Reader wouldn’t be what it is without its saintly choir of contributors. Some of our most popular posts have come from better, more educated, and more successful Auburn writers than I, and of course had it not been for Jerry Hinnen’s three-posts-and-a-cloud-of-daily-dust commitment in that first off-season, or Alice’s willingness to be photographed in TWER shirts half a million times (and counting?), you’d probably be reading “404 Error! Page Not Found.”

But since its inception in September 2009, The War Eagle Reader has essentially been a one-man operation, and essentially of labor of love—an all-consuming, 40+ hours per week labor of love. But for a variety of reasons, that has to change. It can be a free-time hobby or it can be a full-time living (as originally intended). I’m shooting, and really hoping for “full-time living”…

Because everyday I get emails that make me think that I actually might be doing something right, something different, something that makes people who live and love this Auburn life type [caps lock] “KEEP IT UP,” something that can provide the means necessary to keep it up, something folks don’t want to lose, something that over the course of 3,000 posts has become Something.

As fate would have it, the decision to actively seek direct, regular support from our readers was made just before being informed by our web hosting company that in terms of traffic we were on the verge of crowding the sites sharing our server into oblivion like so many absorbed twins, and would therefore have to upgrade to a more exclusive club. Starting in April, the amount of cash that kept the lights on for a year will now only do so for a month.

So if you find any joy in The War Eagle Reader and would like to see it continue and grow—and there are still so many Shug secrets to reveal, so many Toomer’s developments to scoop, so many Auburn shirts in movies, so many lost tribes of alumni waiting for TWER’s twin engine to fly over their jungles and tell their stories, so many unfinished Auburn gospels lying dormant as drafts on our WordPress dashboard—I hope you’ll consider becoming a supporter, a patron, a partner, whether with a one-time donation ($1, $5, $10, $whatever) or with a Pay What You Will monthly subscription—you can click on the drop down menu to select an amount. (And of course you can always advertise with us.)


Thank you for your past and hopefully future support. It means more than you know. Let’s War Eagle forever.

About Jeremy Henderson

Jeremy Henderson is the editor of The War Eagle Reader and co-host of Rich and Jeremy in the Mornings on Wings 94.3 FM in Auburn. Follow him on Twitter: @wareaglereader / @jerthoughts / @RichandJeremy

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