Bye-bye to the Bodda Getta Bra—contoversial S. College billboard goes under the knife following wave of complaints

A controversial billboard that for months advertised the services of Montgomery plastic surgery practice with the words “Tiger Pride” juxtaposed to a closeup of a woman’s breasts in a tiger print bra got a little cosmetic surgery of its own this week. Though still leased to Plastic Surgery Associates of Montgomery, the billboard now simply features the name of the company alongside a woman lounging on the beach in a team-neutral white bikini.

(She’s probably just a fan of the game, you know?)



According to a person with knowledge of the situation, Plastic Surgery Associates of Montgomery made the switch due to complaints about the billboard following our Feb. 13 story on its not-so-hidden message.

Sure, women driving down S. College will still be told they’re not fine just the way they are, but they’ll no longer be asked to measure their devotion to Auburn by their cup size.

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