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  1. Very well written. I returned on about the same day and experienced the same rush of emotions. What an amazingly special place. I am determined to return and teach one day.
    Dec ’11 Grad

  2. Thanks for writing this, Ben.

    Auburn is indeed a car town, and the difference between looking and seeing is both fine and broad.

    Does an author kill a part of him or herself to write a book?


    But you will never kill the Auburn in you, no matter how aforethought your malice, or how clever your cunning.

  3. Thanks, T.C. Thanks, Drew.

    Auburn Elvis: Yep, good eye.

    Dave: Yeah, that only adds to the melodrama.

  4. I find your writing to be incredibly profound. I am always excited when I see Ben Bartley has written something new for TWER because I know you will describe something in such a way that, although I’ve never even thought about the topic in the way you approach it, it feels incredibly familiar and on point. I believe that is a testament not only to your abilities as a writer, but also to your willingness to avoid the trite and easy answer and actually attempt to discover some sort of fundamental truth about why we all love Auburn. I look forward to any and all of your future writings.

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