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South College billboard wants Auburn women to have more ‘Tiger Pride’

All In. Your Bra.

We don’t get out of Auburn much—I mean, what’s the point? You’re just going to come right back. So we’re not sure how long this billboard greeting folks heading toward I-85 on S. College has been up. The point is that it exists. And it’s just kind of weird.

Are they still teaching visual rhetoric at Auburn? If so, this is probably worth a field trip (stop by Firehouse Subs on the way for bonus points). You could spend all day unpacking the semantics of this thing—or at least discussing them. Because unless they’re advertising officially licensed Auburn lingerie, the message for Tigers of the fairer sex is pretty obvious: bigger Auburn fans are bigger Auburn fans, if you know what I mean. And I think that you do.

We called Plastic Surgery Associates of Montgomery to ask some questions about the ad’s origins. One of their chief surgeons is an Auburn graduate—did they come up with it? Is it the work of an agency? A statewide campaign? Is there a giant houndstooth bra looming over McFarland Blvd? What, in their opinion, is the ideal Tiger Pride size? Left a message. Have yet to hear back.

But if there’s ever been an (Auburn-geared) ad that targeted that curious corner of fan psychology so bra-zenly, we haven’t seen it.


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