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  1. George H. W. Bush also spoke on the Auburn campus. He was the keynote speaker for SIMUN (Auburn’s Model United Nations conference) at some point in the late 1970s, as he was gearing up for the 1980 Republican presidential nominating campaign (which he lost to Reagan). Bill Bennett was the speaker one year, as well.

    And then there were the two visits by Dan Quayle, about which many are still scratching their heads. In 1988, Quayle asked us (in between “War Eagle!”s and “Go Tigers!”es), “Do you want to go back to malaise and gas lines?” At which point my friend turned to me and asked, “What did he say about Malaysian gas lines?!”

  2. I remember John Glenn coming to campus in the winter of 1984, Van. He was campaigning at that time for the Democratic nomination (of whom Walter Mondale was the ultimate victor). He went to the basketball game that night (I forget who we were playing… so shoot me, I’m getting old) and I remember him shaking hands outside of B-E after that game. One of those hands was mine!

  3. Hey guys, we are all too young to remember that on March 30, 1939 FDR visited and spoke at Auburn, then API, while visiting the state. The details are noted in The American Presidency Project from UC Santa Barbara. Those details and speech can be found at the following:
    So, I you still get this thread: FDR was in Auburn first! But that was before all of us were born.

  4. Also, that A-hole Dick, Cheney, spoke at a commencement address a few years back. While in office. He was gross and generic. Also, probably, evil.

    **all commas in the appropriate places.

  5. That a-hole, Dick Cheney, kept your a-hole safe for 8 years from Islamo Fascists, you a-hole!

  6. George W. Bush’s visit and “War Eagle” was in 2002, when Bob Riley was running for Governor the first time.

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