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Celebrated professional gentleman (and Auburn alum) publishes handbook for proper living

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We often refer to ourselves as Auburn Men and Women and, thanks to the guiding words of the venerable George Petrie, feel like we can do so with confidence. We know that if we adhere to the principles of the Auburn Creed, we’ll be able to (accurately) represent our alma mater, and our brother and sisters. In the same regard, we can spot an impostor from a mile away. We know The Creed and we know how to live it.

But what about those who don’t?

Should we view The Creed as an exclusive code for an exclusive club?

One Auburn Man thinks not—or at least not those parts pertaining to the personal polish required for “a sound mind” and a “sound body”—and is working tirelessly to spread the gospel of gentlemanliness, and the understanding that gentleman isn’t a term to be tossed around lightly.

K. Cooper Ray, the 1995 Auburn graduate (read his Alumni Spotlight here), Brooks Brothers bow tie designer, and celebrated “Alabama dilettante” behind SocialPrimer.com, realizes that the modern man hasn’t time to weed through stacks of etiquette books for relevant data applicable to meeting his social requirements.  To address this issue, he authored “Bill of Rites for the American Man,” an essential guide of the basic principles that a gentleman must adhere to published in 2011.  This comprehensive Social Primer highlights, in just over 100 pages, the skills a man should possess if he strives to obtain the title of gentleman.

It’s an easy read and quick reference for men (and women) that would like a reminder on how men should present themselves in those situations that put our manners to the test.

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