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It’s Pronounced Jordan is sheer pleasure for Auburn Men

Last week on It’s Pronounced Jordan, we invigorated two classic “Vintage”-section stories—this one and this one—with the warm, freestylin’ repartee that envelops the Auburn Network studios every time Rich Perkins, Ron Anders, and I allow ourselves to get real. And don’t think the warmth fake or merely professional—Ron gave me a free Coke from Anders Bookstore when I graduated from Auburn. Now you know.

(We also talked about Trim: Shear Pleasure For Men.)

For more marvelous Marconi misadventures in Auburn history, tune in to The Drive—ESPN 1065 FM in Auburn / Opelika or online at www.espnau.com—Thurs. at 5 p.m. (And for previous episodes, click here.)

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